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The current coronavirus pandemic has an impact on all of us. We would like to ensure the safety of our family members, friends, colleagues and, of course, also our business.

In this constantly changing and unpredictable situation, it is important to ensure that your business is built on secure foundations, since this is the only way to be successful once the situation becomes stable. This is our shared mission now, since the SME sector constitutes the core of the national economy. Therefore, on our part, we would also like to contribute to helping businesses in their operations as far as possible. 

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House of Business provides flexible, cost-effective, yet high-quality services. We offer convenient office solutions adjusted to your needs, whether it is the rental of office space, meeting rooms, or the use of our registered seat or virtual office services.



  • You can rent one of our offices even for just a few hours, for an important meeting. Therefore, even if you work in home office, you can have your more important meetings in a premium environment.
  • Although many companies around the country have sent their colleagues to home office, occasionally it may still be necessary for certain team members to work together, physically in the same place. We can offer an ideal solution for them.
  • You can make significant cost savings if you replace your large rented office with a smaller one, which can be expanded in a flexible way, as the need arises. It is the fundamental interest of all businesses now to rationalize their expenses. Why would you unnecessarily pay for unused areas? Contact us and optimize your fixed expenses.
  • As a preventive measure, House of Business disinfects all premises with an increased frequency, exceeding all hygienic standards and expectations, to serve all current and new clients who would like to work in a calm and safe environment.
  • The pandemic will once come to an end and life will go back to normal, and your business will need a suitable working environment. Think of the future and reserve NOW for your business a suitable, fully equipped and furnished office in the centre of Budapest.
  • Did your office close, forcing you into home office? House of Business, as a flexible provider of office space, is able to offer fully equipped and furnished meeting rooms and offices, even for just one person (8-10 m2), with flexible rental conditions.
  • We await our clients with 24 hours opening, secretarial and postal mail handling service, on every day of the week. In our fully equipped offices, all conditions of efficient work are in place.
  • High-performance black-and-white, as well as colour multifunctional printers and other office equipment (scanner, online fax, comb binding, laminating, paper cutting machines, document shredders, etc.) are also available, contributing to efficient work.
  • In these difficult times, cybersecurity is also an outstanding priority. Would you like to manage your business affairs from a fast, reliable and secure internet network? House of Business strives to provide the best basic IT infrastructure for its tenants.

We have created the infrastructure to operate reliably and error-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • A fully equipped kitchen, with unlimited, premium quality coffee and tea consumption is also provided for our clients.

Think of the future of your business! Contact our specialist colleagues and reserve your office now!

Dátum 26.03.2020